Can I make $1000 a Month?

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Hi Friends,

In our never-ending world of Pinterest Posts showing off Blogging Income Reports where people are making well over $80,000 a month, surely I can figure out how to make $1000!




I will spend my time reading the “How I did it” blog posts and all the “How you can too” posts.  I’ll try to keep detailed notes on all the steps and how they worked. (or how they failed!)  So far, I’ve encountered many posts about “How to start a money-making blog in 5 easy steps!”  Now let me tell you something…5 steps may SEEM easy, but for a beginner navigating the world of WordPress is riddled with many step-by-step guides and YouTube videos.  Yet, you can STILL easily SCREW IT ALL UP!

For example:

Choosing a Theme isn’t as simple as you think!  WordPress gives you an image and you are supposed to know exactly how your blog is going to look using that image…um…NO!  Then you spend hours trying to figure out how to make everything “fit” only to find out that it doesn’t have the options you wanted in the first place.  Or the page looks like a glossy magazine layout instead of a friendly blog page.

Don’t get me started (not yet anyway) on linking to Amazon!  I couldn’t even tell you what happened to me there, yet.  I haven’t figured out how I messed up that one…but monetizing with Amazon is hard.

It all seems too good to be true!  However, someone really is making money somewhere…I just wonder if the money they are making isn’t actually from their “blog” but from the posts and ebooks that teach you “how” they did it!  Do you see the difference?


So, I will start with this pre-fortune post and keep adding more as I Learn and Earn! If I am lucky enough to have income reports I will add them as well!  I can be hopeful, right?



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