Happy New Year-2018 Already!?!

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Holy Cow, Friends!

I can’t believe it’s already January 2nd!  Where does the time go?

I have been working on a Christmas post, saving it as I went and BAM! it passed me by!  So, the only thing to do is scrap it and move on.


Up next…


The Plan.

I’ve got one.

Do you?

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It all started with Rosemarie Groner and the 90 day Budget Bootcamp.  Challenge #1.

Yup, right there at the beginning.  The “Get Ready” chart.  This is the chart where you write the Master List of ALL your debts.




Talk about a reality check!! OUCH!!


Having resolved to try to earn an extra income earlier in the fall, I have been doggedly trying to find ways to earn that income around my family’s chaos schedule.  The problem that arose for me and has once before, was the need for a family caregiver for my In-Laws after a medical emergency.  Both times I got a job outside the home that medical emergency happened that required me to help out more, having to quit those jobs.

So, here I am now, having quit a job I started in mid- December and looking, again, to earn income from home to keep our eye on our long term goals.

After researching on Pinterest for many hours, days, weeks, months!  I came up with a few ideas that I hope will work for me.  Check out “Work from Home” on Pinterest, and you will find hundreds, if not thousands of Pins.  Some options may interest you, others may not.  But the key is to keep searching.  You will find many ideas that will get your creative thinking tuned up to look for opportunities around you.


So, what have I come up with?

Well, hang on.


Remember my first influence was the 90 Day Budget BootCamp.  Well, my second influence has been trying to figure out what I need to “Be” when I grow up!  Haha.  I’ve been a stay at home Mom for 15years and we are now at the point when our kids are in school full time and now is the right time for me to go to school to be able to become “something” with a higher earning power than what the retail world can offer me.


I couldn’t figure this out when I was in high school and I still couldn’t figure this out for the last 15 years.  It is not easy!!  Especially when most college and university graduates are finding it difficult to get the job they started out looking for.  And let’s face it…it’s 2018, I’m going to celebrate my 39th birthday this spring and I have got to get it together!! Fast!!

To make this easier you have to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you enjoy doing?
  3. What strengths do you have that can be useful in that field?
  4. Where else do you think your strengths can be useful?
  5. How can you get into the field?

Odd questions, I know, but these are what I asked myself.  I found out a number of years ago that I am extremely empathetic, nurturing, caring, organized, head strong, commanding and feisty.  This taught me an interesting thing or two.  Health Care.  This is a field I never thought about even once while growing up.  But all of a sudden this was a viable option for me. Except for one thing: my high school credits were of the wrong sort!

Time To Start over??

So, while I had my first baby in diapers I re-did all sciences and math classes from high school in the advanced level and actually did really well!  By the time I finished those credits I had my second son and had a life altering experience with him at the children’s hospital therefore re-thinking the idea that being a nurse was a good option for me.  I was too empathetic.  Too emotional.  I teared up for all the sick kids, not just my own.  Not strong enough, I guess.

Flash forward to 2017:

I realized that my propensity to help others in medical need was something that just came out in me without my trying.  I had a nurse tell me I’d be a great Nurse’s Aide, or a Personal Support Worker.  You may remember news reports about the elderly abuse happening in homes by PSW’s.  I think these are people that looked for a quick course (It’s just 1 year) that got them into a job really easily, with a decent pay right out of graduation.  Never once did they think that this was a match for them, personally.

So, then I considered this as an option.  Personal Support Worker.  I do many of the tasks for this job already, and find it rewarding in a way.  And feel that I may get into this…I’ll leave that one open to decide later.

The other ideas I have are to take business courses at my city’s local college.  I really need a better understanding of running businesses and keeping it straight!  I also want to take a holistic nutrition course. I have for years!  I also want to dive into yoga and become a yoga instructor for elderly people.  I feel that these 3-4 things together will mean great opportunities for me in the future!


Before I can take any courses I need to put away money and work on those pesky debts! Maybe Hubby and I can find a way to do both at the same time. Hmmmm….I wonder.


My ideas for 2018 are:

  1. Amazon Arbitrage
  2. NoTouchy Diaper Rash Spray
  3. Merch by Amazon (I hope to get approved for this one!)
  4. E-Book authorship
  5. CafePress
  6. Stock Photo Sales
  7. Uber Driving
  8. Grow My Hubby’s Cleaning Service
  9. Grow this blog

All in no particular order, of course!

Hopefully, things come to fruition this year!  We have many things to plan for, save for and dream for!  This is the year to get things moving!!  No more waiting! No more stalling!!


Who’s with me?  What are your plans?  What do you want for 2018?



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