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January ~A Month in Review

This is a January in Review Post, because I can’t actually call it an Income Report.  This has this been the hardest month ever to get through! The actionable steps I need to follow through on my goals need to be created, because there has to be an easier way to get off to a better start!

I don’t know about you, but I like to start the New Year with a list of Goals that I want to accomplish during the upcoming year.  I don’t call them Resolutions because those ALWAYS fail. But I find that as soon as I set my mind on those goals I am faced with HUGE roadblocks almost immediately!


Set a goal…No Matter What!

Obstacles WILL Show up!

Fight them off With Positive Reinforcements.

They are part of the Adventure!


I got this fabulous quote from watching videos on the Female Entrepreneur Association Website. I absolutely love listening to what Carrie Green has to say!  I actually found her by accident with a random book title search on my library’s website and feel in love with her message. Anyway, moving forward.


2018 Goals

Remember this list?

  1. Amazon Arbitrage (sale of found items from other retailers)
  2. NoTouchy Diaper Rash Spray
  3. Merch by Amazon (I hope to get approved for this one!)  I did not get approved for this, it seems I have to have already designed and sold t-shirts on my own before they will let me do it with them!
  4. E-Book authorship
  5. CafePress
  6. Stock Photo Sales
  7. Uber Driving- almost have all the steps done, but am rethinking what availability I would have
  8. Grow My Hubby’s Cleaning Service
  9. Grow this blog!!

Well I now have a few more points to add to this list!

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